Online Pontiac Swap Meet & Cars

This is currently our process for registration

During the kickoff, registration is FREE for Vendors and Individual Sellers and will remain FREE until hundreds have posted their vehicles and parts. It will also remain FREE for Vendors and Sellers until there are hundreds of registered Buyers. It will always be Free for Buyers. Registration for both Buyers and Sellers is to maintain a secure, safe and protected site for buying and selling online.

Once the number of Buyers and Sellers has reached the registration quota, Vendors and Sellers will receive a 30-day notification as to when the Free time period will end and the subscription fees will start. Vendors and Individual Sellers will have the capability to go back into their registration to setup their $8.95 monthly recurring subscription. Vendors and Individual Sellers Will Not need to put Credit Card or PayPal information in until the FREE timeline has ended.

Subscription fees are month to month. You may cancel at any time. Month to month will start on the date your subscription fee starts and will recur on the same date each month. If you cancel for any reason, we will keep your inventory of parts in our database (hidden) for up to 60 days. This will allow you to, if you decide, to reestablish your subscription. You can go back into the website and activate your subscription. The subscription fee supports the database and your inventory of parts staying listed until sold.
Make sure you read the “Terms of Use” prior to registration.

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