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  • Also Free for Buyers, is to list the Parts You Want & Need.
  • Registration is mandatory for Car & Parts buyers, also for Parts Wanted & Needed.
  • Buyers that Register will stay registered and always have access to the Cars & Parts inventory. Only paid vendors & individual sellers will have access to Parts Wanted & Needed for sale.

NOTE:   PontiacCarsParts.com has a SSL certificate. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is to protect all sensitive data transmitting from the browser to the web server. This prevents domain related spam, deters domain hijackers and protects you from stalkers and harassers.

  • PontiacCarsParts.com is not involved in the transactions between the Buyers or Sellers.
  • The buyer will contact the seller directly.

Buyers will receive sellers email address for contact. (Phone numbers will be optional from sellers)

NOTE: (Information that is presented to both Buyers & Sellers) It’s suggested that when buyers contact sellers to ensure the quality, condition and verification of parts, that the buyer requests the sellers phone number, have a verbal conversation to confirm and fully understand the purchase, costs, shipping, the address, timeline for shipping, etc., prior to making any payment.  All sellers and buyers must be registered. PayPal is one of the preferred payment for purchases. If checks are mailed to sellers, sellers should not ship parts until the check is cleared.

  • Remember all transactions will be between the Buyers & Sellers.PontiacCarsParts.com is not involved between any Buyers or Sellers for Parts or Car transactions. 

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